Decorative Fences

View a slideshow that features Hillcrest Fencing’s decorative fencing options.

1. Good neighbor Style fence is a style of fence where the boards alternate on each side of the fence giving it the same look from both sides of the fence. This is a good application where there is a property line between two houses. The good neighbor fence is a perfect style when it is being installed in a high wind area allowing the wind to pass through and reduce the risk of damage to your fence. Square top or dog eared top cedar fence boards are the most commonly used fence boards for the good neighbor style fence.

2. Solid style fences are the most commonly used residential fence. It provides excellent security for backyard belongings, pets and kids playing in the back yard. There are several options with this fence from dog eared fence boards to a 2“x4” top cap.

3. Picture frame style fences are a decorative yet very functional fence. 1“x6” fence boards are installed with a minimal gap between each board to allow for expansion and contraction of fence boards. Picture frame style fences are then finished with a top cap and runners at the top and bottom giving it the picture frame look.

4. Lattice top style fences are a very decretive finish to a fence. It can be applied to the good neighbor or solid style fences. It provides the same security and privacy as all the other styles of fences with a very attractive finish to the top of your new fence

Post and Rail Fencing (wood or vinyl)

Post and rail fences are often used more in rural settings where a decorative option is preferred. Woven wire can be used on post and rail fences to keep smaller dogs inside. Post and rail looks especially nice going down driveways or along roadways.

  • Posts are placed 8 to 10 feet apart.
  • Can be incorporated with field fencing.
  • Can use 2-rail, 3-rail or 4-rail options for a fence that is about 3 to 4 feet tall