Deer Fencing

Deer fencing keeps animals out of a garden, orchard, vineyard or other agricultural area. It is built with the same specifications as field fencing that keeps animals in, but is higher to prevent deer from leaping over. We’ve talked to several land owners about the increased yields when deer are no longer present. One orchard owner calculated that his deer fencing would pay for itself in 5 to 7 years from the additional profits.

  • Can use all wood posts or a mix of wood and steel posts. Wood posts give the fence abit more rigidity; where steel posts do have the potential to lean over time. Wood gives the most attractive look, while steel is most economical. One economical option is wood posts every 100 feet with four steel posts between.
  • Electrified smooth wire is an option – deer can sense the electricity when they get close – but it is easier to go through. Plus, some vineyards and orchards are on slopes, where it is harder to maintain a smooth wire fence. Woven wire presents the best option for keeping deer out and requires less maintenance.
  • 7-foot is the most popular height, but 8- and 9-foot heights can also be made to accomadate the situation if needed.